Everything Is All Right

January 10, 2015

It's 10 days into the new year, and we just released the "Everything Is All Right" hand lettered design. This one is something special for several reasons. First of all, it's the first new design of 2015, and the first new release from us in a year. Second, it's my first hand lettered design. I begun 2014 with the idea that I wanted to learn the art of hand lettering. It's still really difficult for me. And I'm still just trying to figure it out. But I wanted to share what I had learned, the bit that I did. And thus far, the response has been amazing. So thank you for supporting me in this adventure along with the whole tee shirt thing. Lastly, if you have followed WT for a while, you would have seen how we have progressed over time. It's a slow progress, but it's important to us. This is the first design with our own size tags. Previously, they were screened. And we may dabble in both concepts for the long run, but we think the tag is a step up in our t-shirt game.


Taking a concept from just random ideas to a full on execution is always exciting. The most important part of this design is the idea of "everything is all right" versus "everything will be all right." Of course, it may be a subtle difference to some, but it is the key to me.

We are always looking to the future to get out of the present. Even if today is a great day, we're still hoping tomorrow will be better. And I'm not saying it's a bad thing. You should always look forward, always hope for good times. But you should also pay attention to the moment you're in. And yeah, sometimes the moments we're in can get pretty bad. But we're alive. We're here. We're fighting. We're all right. Everything is all right.

Grab yours here!

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