WT Highlight: Lights Alive

January 28, 2015

Several years ago, our friends at Vixen Productions made our very first promo video. Shortly after it released, Lights Alive won a free music video from Vixen. They noticed our spot and were intrigued by who we are and what we're about. So, their lead singer, Devon, called me up and we chatted a bit. We talked about our goals and our mission. They seemed to align.

The friendship that sprouted from that is beyond what I could have imagined. Sometimes you just meet the right people and things click. I wanted to help their band by designing merch. But it also seemed feasible if it was something WT could also sell. Our collabs are so subtle that if you had no idea who Lights Alive was or that they were any type of entity, you would still be interested in a shirt. A staple of WT is focusing on the design & less on the name. Who wants to buy a band shirt of a band they've never heard of? Who wants to buy a shirt of t-shirt brand they've never heard of? It's all the same.

The first Lights Alive shirt holds imagery of a field with a tree, stars, and fireflies. The tagline at the bottom of it says, "Keep Your Lights Alive." The second collab was a tank, and still holds as one of our best sellers. It says, "Took a chance, jumped ship, I just wanted to go." This is a line from one of their songs that stuck out to me since I first heard it. People relate to it in different ways, but most recently at street fests, strangers came up to tell me their travel stories. They told me about their desire to jump ship and go gung ho into whatever adventures they had pursued. For some, it's how they ended up in Chicago. I don't believe another WT design has sparked such conversations.

The friendships gained from meeting Lights Alive is beyond words. We lucked out. Devon, Adam, and Dave are a huge part of Wishful Thinker. We're excited to see where they go from here.


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