July 17, 2015

We recently launched our new baby/toddler line called "Little Victories"! It's a soft launch, because we are currently only selling them in-person. But don't fret, they will be available online soon!

Our concept was to package in something fun & reusable. And what's more fun than a cardboard tube?! Use your imagination & the possibilities are endless!



  • Memory container (We are big fans of memory jars, where when something great happens, we write it down & put it in a jar. At the end of the year, we reflect on them, because sometimes it's easy to forget even the good stuff.
  • Coin bank
  • Grown up, practical uses


  • Telescope
  • Microphone
  • Baseball bat/sword/lightsaber/boat paddle
  • Baton
  • Rolling pin
  • Chute/slide/tunnel

Leave us a comment, tag, or tweet us & let us know what YOU did with your tube!

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