For the Love

May 28, 2013

I'm a fan. For me, I don't think we could make t-shirts if we didn't love them. And I've been a collector all my life. I'm not one of those collectors that keeps their tees in mint condition, preserving them for who knows when. I wear mine out, in more ways than one. This is a picture of the fraction of tees I own.

Each shirt brings me back to a particular part in my life. Remember when Cute Is What We Aim For was really popular? I got yelled at by my upstairs neighbors for blasting and screaming along to "There's a Class For This". The plus to this shirt is that there's the silhouette of the album cover girl on the side. That Hellogoodbye blue shirt on the left? They showed me how bands don't have to rip off their fans by charging only 20 bucks for multiple colors printed on American Apparel. I still love it. That strength symbol in place of the super "S"? I got that at a Made In Hawaii convention. I have that same symbol tattooed on my wrist now. And of course, the Hawaii related tees are what I grew up on. They have led me to design Chicago designs that I believe Chicagoans can wear with pride.

My taste has changed and is still changing. You can see that with the tshirts that I find attractive, with the tshirts I design. I love that. Now I'm intrigued by cleaner lines and swaying away from the surf/skate types to the simplified yet enticing Johnny Cupcakes/Ugmonk types.

Whatever it may be, I love the flexibility of tshirts and their designs. Dress it up, dress it down. As long as you feel comfortable in it, what could be better?! So take a trip down memory lane with your old tees and share with us your favorites!

"Do more of what you love," says Johnny Cupcakes. "Yes, sir," says me.





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