ORGANIC Everything Is All Right Toddler Tee

I started "Little Victories" as an extension of Wishful Thinker, made specifically for our favorite little humans. That is, I have a new little human in my life, and I really wanted to celebrate him. I decided to do a mini version of our adult tee of the hand lettered Everything Is All Right. The key word of the phrase is the "IS." To be in the moment, to appreciate the little things, to realize that everything is, in this moment, all right. I also really think matching t-shirts is way too cute & I do it all the time. The most important aspect of this onesie is that it is 100% organic cotton, because for our little ones, only the best! Some people may not be interested in the extra little parts to this kit, but they're just extra little bonuses that I hope you can enjoy for years to come.

The 100% Organic Cotton, Made in the USA, Everything Is All Right tee (Gold on Navy) comes with a bonus Little Victories flag silkscreen print and bookmark in a reusable tube.

Sizes come in 2, 4, and 6.